Don’t Lose Your Search Ranking From the Google Mobile Algorithm Update

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The Google mobile algorithm update, dubbed "Mobilegeddon," happened on April 21, 2015. According to Google, "this change will have significant impact to search results."

Here are a few things you need to know about the Google update:mobilegeddon-relevant-image

  • If your website is not mobile friendly, you stand to lose search ranking and as a result organic traffic/conversions.
  • This update will be larger than two of the previous more well-known updates, Panda and Penguin.
  • This update affects your website, landing pages and blog. Note: If you are using HubSpot for your landing pages and/or blog, they are automatically optimized for mobile.
  • It's harder to recover from a Google penalty than it is to avoid one.

We want to ensure your website is ready for the change Google made, and that's why we're offering a free website assessment.

As part of your assessment, one of New Destiny Media's specialists will evaluate your current website and discuss any aspects of your site that are not ready for mobile.

During your free assessment, we will review:

  1. Mobile usability and conformity to Google's algorithm update.
  2. Mobile SEO optimizations.
  3. Website navigation.
  4. Landing pages & lead-gen forms.
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